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5 Things to Pack When Travelling with Your Pet

Bringing your pet on holiday with you and your family is always a really fun time, but, like when packing for yourself and your kids, you need to make sure you bring everything your pet will need during your time away. Things aren’t always available at your holiday destination, and you don’t want to be caught short. So, next time you’re planning for a trip away with your furry friend, here’s a list of five things you should pack.

Toys – especially favourite ones

Your pet may get bored, or have a hard time adjusting to a new place, so bringing along some toys to keep them occupied and make them feel at home is a must. You don’t want them destroying anything out of boredom, or you won’t get your deposit back. Give them a lovely surprise when you arrive at your destination and get out their favourite toy.

Food – including treats

Food is another great way to help your pet feel more comfortable in a strange new place. There’s also the risk of upsetting their stomachs if you try them on food that they’re not used to, so be sure to bring the food they eat at home with you on your trip. And don’t forget the treats – reward your pet for their good behaviour during your travels.

Blankets and bedding

A bad night’s sleep is no fun, especially when you’re on holiday. Help your pet relax and feel comfortable by packing their bed and any blankets they love from home.

Safety items

If you’re travelling by car, be sure to have a suitable seat belt or car harness for your pet to keep them safe during the drive. Don’t forget to pack their collar, walking harness (if needed) and lead, either. A lot of places at your travel destination will require your pet to be on a lead if you want to take them there. You also don’t want your pet to run off in a strange place they’re not used to.

Toileting needs

Even well-trained pets may be a bit disoriented in a new place, so it’s a good idea to bring some dog training pads in case of accidents. You should also bring disposable bags for your pet’s waste when out on walks because picking up after them is a must-do at any destination.

Preparation is the key for a smooth trip

Being prepared for a holiday with your pet is the best way to ensure everyone has a great time. Not every travel destination will sell your pet’s food or anything else they might need, so bring these items with you from home. By doing this, you’re ensuring your pet feels comfortable, and you’ve got more time for fun instead of having to scour local shop