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A Complete Guide to Pet Accessories

Many households have at least one pet these days because the companionship and fun that a pet offers is irresistible. Whether you’ve had your furry friends for years, or you’re about to choose your new family pet, it’s important to have the basic essentials to keep them well looked after. Then come the fun extras, like toys and outfits for your furry friend. We’ve put together a complete guide to the pet accessories you’ll need (and some that are just for fun) so that your pet is cared for and happy!

Sleeping and comfort

Some dogs and cats work their way onto your bed to sleep at night, but if you’d prefer for them to have their own sleeping space, pet beds and lounges are a great idea. Your pet will stay comfy and warm, and you’ll have your bed to yourself.

For older animals, you can also find specially designed blankets to keep them extra toasty in those colder months.

Reptiles, rodents, fish and other pets need a tank that suits their size, and there are many accessories available to keep them comfortable. Things such as heat lamps, heated rocks, and scoop nets for fishing out droppings are essential.


Yes, that’s right – you can get clothing for your pets! Jumpers, socks, outfits, costumes; dressing up your pet is a fun activity, and some clothing will help warm them up while letting them stay active, unlike a blanket or pet bed.

Toilet needs

Some animals don’t ‘do their business’ outside, or perhaps are being trained and may still have little accidents here and there. For cats, you can get litter trays or boxes that hold the kitty litter, and allow for easy cleanup.

For dogs, and cats that go to the toilet outside, all that’s really needed is a scooper to keep your backyard clean.

There are also toilet training pads that can be placed around your home, to help encourage animals to go on them if they can’t get outside. You can also purchase a toilet mat with fake grass to simulate an outdoor environment. This will save your floor when you aren’t home to let your animal out.


There are so many different varieties of playthings for your pet. Ladders and bells for your birds, lasers and chase toys for your cats, chew toys or plush toys for your dogs – the list is endless. Have fun experimenting with your animals and learning which toys they like. Chew toys, cat towers and scratching posts will also keep animals from damaging your furniture, which is a win-win.


Whether you bring in a playpen for your backyard, a harness, collar and lead for walks, or a pet carrier, there are many options for keeping your pet safe at home, and while out and about.


Your pets need to eat and drink, just like we do. You can get automatic food and water dispensers, or ones that you can refill as needed. There are also feeding mats to place underneath the bowls to make cleaning up easier.

Your pet deserves the best

While pets do need the essentials, it’s a lot of fun spoiling your furry friend with extra toys, trendy outfits and comfy beds. Browse our great selection here, and if you can’t find something you’re looking for, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get it in .