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Beach Toys to Enjoy With Your Dog This Summer

The tans will fade, but the memories will last furr-ever! It’s not just people that enjoy spending a hot summer’s day at the beach – your fur baby probably does too. Soaking up some sun and cooling off in the water is a great way to spend the day, but there are plenty of options for having fun together too.

Here are some of our top picks for beach toys you and your dog can enjoy together this summer.

Flying discs

You can get discs that are specifically designed for playing in and near the water, and they’re a whole lot of fun for just about any size dog. They’re softer than regular flying discs and come in different sizes so your pup can grab them without hurting their mouths. This is a fun twist on regular fetch.

Skipping stones

These are so much fun for dogs and humans alike. Suitable for small, medium, and some larger sized dogs (depending on the size of their mouth, as you don’t want them to choke), these brightly coloured ‘stones’ are made for days by the water. Easy to spot thanks to their colouring, once you get the hang of skipping them, you and your dog will have a blast with these.

Balls (with or without a launcher)

Like the flying discs, there are many sizes of balls that are suited for playing at the beach. Durable, flexible, and a whole lot of fun, you can’t have a beach day without a beach ball designed for your furry friend’s enjoyment.

Some types of balls also fit into things called launchers, which allow you to scoop up and throw the ball without straining your arm. These are perfect for dogs that never seem to run out of energy, as you can give your arms a break.

Pull-along water toys

There are so many different dog toys designed for the beach (or pool) that allow you and your pet to play together in the water and have a lot of fun doing so. Whether it’s a stick, fish, or any other entertainingly-shaped toy, you need at least one packed in your beach bag.

Many of these toys also come with rope (or a place to tie rope) for your dog to pull them along in the water, or for you and your dog to play a wet game of tug of war.

Enjoy those summer days at the beach with your dog

Most dogs love going to the beach, and you can make their day even more fun with our range of water-friendly dog toys available here. Wear them out with a day of fun in the sun, and get in some exercise for yourself too. Beach trips are much more enjoyable when you have entertaining toys to play with together.