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How to Choose the Best Bed for Your Pet

Even if your pet likes to snooze on the lounge next to you, or curl up on the end of your bed, they still need a comfy place of their own for sleeping. It’s not as simple as buying a ‘pet bed’, however. There are many different types and styles of beds for pets, and picking the right one for your furry friend is essential to make sure that they’re as cosy as possible.

Here’s our guide to the most common types of bed, and what else you should consider when looking for the best bed for your fur baby.

Trampoline-style elevated beds

These suit outdoor dogs of all sizes and shapes, and are really comfortable too. Elevated beds are also great choices for summer since the air can circulate underneath them to keep your pet nice and cool. In winter, you can add a fluffy warm cover or swap the bed out for a cushioned one instead.

People also call the summertime beds ‘anti-flea’ and ‘anti-dust’ because the material that they’re made from (which is like a shadecloth) deters fleas and dust.

Cushioned beds

These beds are perfect for your furry family member as they get older because they are easier for your pooch to get on than a higher bed. The padding also helps support the painful, stiff joints that dogs with arthritis suffer from.

Big dogs also find them very comfy, because they get plenty of room to stretch out.


Even if you’ve already got an elevated bed for your outside pooch, you should still have a kennel for them as well. Kennels provide your dog with not only a place to sleep but protection from things like wind and rain, too.

Many kennels are also extremely portable, so you can take them away with you on holiday to camping spots, caravan parks that allow pets, etc.

Bolster beds

Similar to a cushion bed, bolster beds also feature raised sides. Indoor dogs especially love these because they feel like they’re being cuddled, and have a place to rest their head. If you want your fur baby off your bed or lounge when they sleep, a bolster bed is the way to go – they’ll still feel secure and like they’re being hugged, so they’re more likely to not protest not being able to sleep with you.

Igloo and hideaway beds

Cats and small dogs often search for a nice small place to curl up in to sleep, and hideaway and igloo beds fit the bill for most. Give them a cosy private retreat to doze off in, and you’ll make their day.

Pets deserve a comfy place to sleep, just like we do

When choosing a pet bed for your pooch or kitty, make sure that you keep their needs and abilities in mind – don’t get an elevated bed for an older dog that can’t climb up very high, or a cushion bed for your cat who wants to be hidden away instead of out in the open!

You should also ensure that you choose the right size for your beloved animal so that they are as comfy as possible and you don’t aggravate their arthritis or other similar conditions.

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