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10 tips for making your pet Instagram famous

You do not need to convince us that your furry BFF is the best pet ever. We believe you… along with the millions of other pet parents who argue their animal is the best of the best.

In actuality, each and every pet is delightful in their own distinctive ways. The problem is that there are so many equally cute pets out there. It is time to face the facts that your pooch or kitty is not the only cute companion out there.

As one of many pet owners across the globe, it can be nearly impossible to gain any attraction to your dedicated pet Instagram account. Thankfully, we know a few insider tips that can enhance your potential for growth on the world’s favourite social media channel.

Get out your cameras, and keep reading. These are our top ten tips for getting a popular pet Instagram.

1. Ensure your pet has the latest pet accessories.
Cute pet accessories are the key to digital fame. Although your puppy or kitty may already be adorable ‘as is’, accessories are a certain way to give them an additional teaspoon of cuteness. Believe it or not, purchasing charming accessories for your pet does not need to be an expensive endeavor. There are many cheap dog accessories available on Australian online pet stores. There are even various cat accessories for the savvy kitten owner.

2. Make sure your pet’s outfits are always on point.
Instagram is a realm of fashion – for both humans and animals. All of the most famous dogs and cats on Instagram have their own fashion style. Social media dogs are often seen wearing dog coats, pet jackets or bedazzled collars. Cats, on the other hand, are often spotted in bling collars and cat sweaters.

3. Keep your pet well groomed.
Regularly grooming your pet will ensure that they are always prepared for an of-the-minute photo shoot. Some of the most popular pet grooming products include electric nail trimmers and fur removal brushes. The best grooming products can easily be found on cheap online pet stores.

4. Follow other pet Instagram accounts.
Snooping on and engaging with other Instagram pet accounts means that you can see the types of content that is getting a good reach. You should not necessarily copy this, because originality is important. However, it might give you some ideas on the trendiest pet accessories in Australia or most popular pet clothing amongst the digital community.

5. Let your pet be themselves.
If your beloved pet has unique personality traits, do not be afraid to show these off. Quirky or unusual behaviors or appearances will allow for your pet to stand-out from the crowd of other Instagram wannabees. Individuality will draw attention and enable the best possibility for social media success.

6. Spoil your pet with toys and love.
Keeping your pet as happy as possible will mean that they are more cooperative and willing to participate in Instagram photo shoots. The best way to ensure your dog or cat is content is by showering them with unconditional love. In many cases, this means spoiling them with the best pet toys in Australia.

7. Mention pet accessory brands and products.
When you post images that feature pet accessories, you should mention the online pet supplies store in the post caption. Connecting with businesses and brands in this manner will help to boost your own profile and establish relationships with companies in the network. If you are super dooper lucky, you might even become a pet brand sponsor one day.

8. Consider video, as well as photo content.
When shooting and uploading videos, as opposed to standard photographs, you can showcase your fluffy pal playing with a pet toy or snuggling up to their pet bed. The best dog toys and cat toys will usually bring out the best of your animal and allow them to look enthusiastic and happy in front of the camera.

9. Make your pet’s lifestyle appear extra luxurious.
The public loves to ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ over cute pet home products. Not only does your pet need to look fabulous, but the surrounds need to look A+. Typical items that can amplify the appeal your pet’s lifestyle include fluffy pet pillows and ultra-modern pet houses.

10. Upload content of your pet as frequently as possible.
Content is king. The more, the better. Your audience will desire regular and ongoing content to really appreciate your precious pet. If you are struggling for photo or caption ideas, we suggest browsing popular dog accessories online, or alternatively the best cat supplies,and basing your content around this

Popular Instagrammers will know that there are many tricks to the trade. However, the above advice should be enough to kick off your ‘Gram and start sending you in the direction of success.