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What are the most popular pet fashion accessories in 2019?

2019 has undeniably been the year of peak pet fashion. In the ever-changing and continually exciting world of pet accessories, we have never seen a community so interested in pet clothing. Dog and cat parents across Australia have been silently competing to have the most vogue animal in their suburb or town.

In previous years, pet owners have focused on treating their furry friends to delectable snacks and innovative toys. However recent trends demonstrate that, in addition to squeaky toys and tasty treats, proud pet owners are predominantly seeking unique animal clothing to style and spoil their pets.

From an outsider’s perspective, families that take their fluffy pal for a morning or evening walk are doing it merely for exercise. Little do they know that every stroll around the block is actually an opportunity for pet parents to flaunt their animal’s latest outfit. Let’s be real: there is a reason they refer to fashion parades as catwalks. Right?

Why is pet fashion so popular? Why not!

Every dog mum and dad wants their barking or meowing companion to not only feel great, but also look great. If you want your pets to wonder with a pep in their step, fitting them in chic and trendy clothing is the best way to do so.

Over the past twelve months, various trends and favored items have emerged as stand-out pet fashion, while some other concepts have flopped. As leaders in Australian online pet accessories, we know the best pet product sand pet fashion items that are making waves among the animal society.

Below, we have listed the top five dog and cat accessories, ranked by their popularity, practicality and overall value.

1. Pet sweaters.
Pet sweaters have easily taken the number one position for best pet accessories online. As well as being an effective solution for keeping your pet warm and cosy, sweaters can result in your pet looking completely adorable. Do not misunderstand us – we have no doubt that your pet is already a cute creature, but dazzling them in a sophisticated sweater can ensure they are looking modish for every possible occasion.
As an alternative to dog or cat sweaters, pet owners might also consider pet jackets, pet coats or pet jumpers. There are a variety of options currently available on our online pet accessory Australian site, including various sizes and materials.
Depending on the unique nature of your furry friend, they may prefer certain styles and materials, so it is important to remain open to a few options. Some pet owners with a male animal companion prefer smart and polished sweaters or coats, whereas female dogs can sometimes be more suited to a boisterous fluffy pet coat.

2. Pet collars.
As a pet owner, you have two options in regards to pet collars. You can either accept the fact that your dog or cat needs to wear a collar, and you can purchase a simplistic, basic collar. Or, alternatively, you can take the opportunity to make your pet collar a statement fashion piece.
Obviously, we suggest the latter. Bedazzled pet collars are a simple way to enhance the visual appeal of your pet, without intruding upon their personal space. While some people prefer glamorous collars, others will opt for voguish, modern collars with patterns. We recommend a floral bow tie collar or LED light collar.

3. Pet leads.
Pet leads are another example of an essential and practical pet accessory that can easily be glitz ed up for fashion purposes. There are a wide range of pet leads online that come in various colors, sizes and styles. One of the most popular pet leads right now is the patterned walking lead.
When purchasing your lead, it is vital that you ensure the fashionable appearance is not compromising on quality. Having a sturdy and durable lead is just as important as having something with visual pizzazz.

4. Pet hair accessories.
Every cat and dog has an abundance of hair (well… most cats and dogs), so why not make the most of that shimmering mane? Hair accessories for pets are often considered to be a cheap pet accessory that is quite a la mode.
One of the hottest items current in the dog accessory market is colorful bow tie hair ties. If your dog’s hair is long enough, these are simple to put on and will not fall off during the day.

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