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Must-have items when getting a new dog

Becoming a first-time dog owner will be the most exciting and terrifying period of your entire existence. We are not trying to freak you out and get you shaking in your boots, but this is the truth. As soon as your new beloved companion enters the home, your world will be flipped upside down. In a totally awesome, good way. And a totally confusing, not so good way.

Puppies are adorable and loyal creatures who are sure to have a positive impact on your life, however caring for them can be a daunting task. Especially for those of us who have had little interaction with pets in the past, it is puzzling to know what exact pet accessories you will need to look after the latest household member.

Some dog mumps and dads describe their puppy experience as being similar to owning a newborn baby. The unusual mix of happy emotions and anxious emotions is exhausting and exhilarating.

First of all, our biggest suggestion for you is to remain calm. Every dog owner, at one point in their life, was a first-time dog owner. As time passes, you will become better acquainted with the situation and you will have fewer stresses.

One of the most common reasons as to why soon-to-be dog parents get anxious is because they do not understand what pet products they should have in their home prior to the dog arrival. Never fear. Having been in the online pet accessory business for many years, we know precisely what products you must have per-purchased before welcoming your furry friend.

The essential items you must have in your home for a new puppy are:

  • Human attention.

Yes, it really is that straightforward! If you do not have the time or money to purchase luxury accessories and fancy additional items upfront, there is no need to panic. Your puppy will cope with the basics: nutrition and love.

However, if you do have some spare time up your sleeve before the dog arrives, you can purchase some cheap pet accessories online that will ensure your pup feels as comfortable as possible.

Below are three of the most popular pet accessories, other than food and water, that you could consider purchasing if you have a new dog on the way.

1. Pet bed and bedding.
There is no denying that your puppy will have a better sleep if they have a cosy bed to lie on. Just like humans, dogs enjoy having a designated spot where they can safely and comfortably rest.
Depending on the nature and size of your barking buddy, you will need to choose between a cushioned dog mat, plush bed, or soft sofa bed. You can find Australian dog beds from online pet stores, such as Purfect Pet Accessories.

2. Pet grooming tools.
Grooming your precious pooch is an intimate way to build a relationship with them. It is also vital that your dog is groomed so they can feel clean and contented.
Most dog parents find that it is easiest to purchase a comprehensive dog grooming kit online before the arrival of their new pet. Although, other people may prefer to buy every individual item separately. Some pet grooming products you may like to add to your purchasing list are: nail clippers, hair removal combs, grooming gloves, and grooming clippers.

3.Dog walking accessories.
Once you have become acquainted with your fur baby, you are probably going to want to go on your first walk together. Particularly if you have a puppy, you will need to engage in some exercise to calm their excitement and ensure they can have a good night of sleep.

In order to get going on a walk safely, you will need a dog lead and dog collar. The lead is vital for keeping your puppy close by and away from dangerous roads or surrounds. The collar is usually where the lead will attach to, and it also helps people identify your dog if he/she gets too thrilled and becomes lost.

Leads and collars come in varying styles, and there are cheap collars online for those on a budget. Some of the most popular dog collar options currently include personalized bow-tie collars and bling rhinestone collars .Very cautious doggy parents might prefer a lead with harness so they can have the upmost control over their pup.

Ultimately, what you decide to purchase for your new dog will depend on what you personally think needs to be prioritized. As long as you have the essentials of food and water, your pup will be just fine in your home. Though, you can consider a number of other Australian pet products to make your fluffy buddy extra happy.

To browse the endless possibilities of the best dog accessories, jump onto our online Australia dog accessory store.