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What is the best dog bed for your pooch?

If your fluffy friend refuses to sleep in the bed you purchased them, you are not alone. Many pooch parents deal with this issue, and they struggle to find a bed that their dog is satisfied with.

It can be deeply upsetting if your dog does not want to rest in the designated bed that you bought specifically for them (and super frustrating, too). Some pet owners go through multiple bed types and still cannot discover a bedding arrangement that suits their picky pal. Talk about spoilt!

Because we have been assisting proud pet owners for many years, we understand this is a prevalent problem amongst the Australian dog community. Being pet lovers ourselves, we know it is crushing to see your dog uncomfortable or dissatisfied. Nothing pulls the heart strings more than doggy tears.

Hence, our team at Purfect Pet Accessories want to help. Once we have diagnosed the cause behind your pup’s discomfort, we can recommend a bedding style from our online pet bed store that matches your needs.

Let us start by examining the problem with your current dog sleeping arrangement. There are various reasons as to why your dog might not like their bedding situation. Some reasons could include:

  • The bed is not the right size for them.
    If the bed is too big, they might feel overwhelmed when lying in it. If the bed is too small, their head or legs might overhang and cause discomfort.
  • The bed is not the best shape for them.
    Some dogs sleep in awkward positions, so their mat or bed needs to suit this. The length and width of the bed should match the dog when they are in their standard resting pose.
  • The bed is made from poor quality materials.
    If the bed is not cushioned enough, or does not have a soft exterior, your pooch will most likely find it difficult to sleep on.
  • The bed has gotten old and changed over time.
    In some cases, your dog may like their bed to begin with, but they will eventually change their mind and stop using it. This is usually because the bed has been damaged over time and is not as comfortable as it once was.
  • The bed is not climate appropriate.
    When living in extreme temperature climates, dogs need a bedding situation that can either cool them down or warm them up. If they cannot sustain a reasonable temperature in the bed, you can assume they will not be using it. They are bloody stubborn

The best dog beds and mats will have three things in common: appropriateness, durability, and comfort. When purchasing dog mats and beds, some owners focus too heavily on visual appeal and ultimately forget about the dog’s best interests. The most popular dog beds have a perfect balance of practicality and style.

Our expansive online pet supplies store has various cushion, matting and bedding options. Our bestselling dog sleeping mats and beds currently include:

  • The dog cooling mat.
    For hot summer days, your dog will love you for giving them a cooling mat. The innovative materials mean that your pooch can dramatically reduce their temperature just by lying on it.
  • The dog bench bed .
    If size is an issue, and you struggle to find a suitably large or small dog bed, you do not need to look any further than our bench bed. It comes in four different sizes to suit your needs.
  • The fashionista leopard print dog bed .
    Spoilt pooches need to rejuvenate in style. Whilst flair is vital, we have ensured not to compromise quality and comfort for this popular modern dog bed.
  • The soft dog mat.
    Some dogs do not want to be constrained, so a mat without raised edges can give them optimal flexibility and night-time maneuverability. Our popular soft pet mat does exactly that.Most importantly, before you purchase your new pet bed online, analyze the product description to ensure that it meets your needs. Check that the size, color, and materials will keep your fluffy friend at ease, rather than growling into your ear.At Purfect Pet Accessories, we are 100% transparent in our products and guarantee total reliability. Browse our complete dog product range to grasp a better idea of why our cheap pet accessories are the most popular dog products in Australia.