About us

Ensuring your fluffy friends are comfortable, entertained and loved-up is our passion. Though only being established this year in early 2019, our products have made their way into the pens and kennels of many Australian homes.
And there’s a clear reason why.
While there has always been a market for pet accessories, few businesses have ever taken the care to produce stylish and practical designs, and then sell them at affordable prices. We believe that cute and cuddly pet products should be accessible for every barking or meowing companion.
Hence, all of our accessories, from beds to coats, are listed at reasonable costs. No funny business.
Furthermore, we take pride in creating the most innovative, enjoyable and adorable pet accessories in Australia. At the core of our business mission is a fundamental focus on quality products that are safe and durable in nature.
As fellow pet devotees, we know what makes a pet or pet owner bounce up and down on their hind legs in joy. While we understand that nothing can bring you more happiness than the snugs of your pawed pal, we hope that our unique accessories can allow you and your pet to build a bond stronger than ever.

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